Debunking stereotypes and bridging the gender leadership gap, one woman at a time


Conference: 18-19 January 2018
Pre-Conference Workshop: 17 January 2018
Oprah famously said that “We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are”.
We are faced with instances of choice and indecision every day of our lives. At work, it might be frustration with the status quo, of being constantly passed over for a male colleague; it might be the feeling of fighting a no-win battle.
The identified problems are similar and largely unchanged – gender inequality and balance; not being heard; no seat in the board room and so on… but the key as always is in finding the solution that works for you.

Wear the heels of the women trailblazers in Asia as they share their experience and ask them how you can do the same. This event gives you the wherewithal to network, speak with and benefit from hundreds of women with stories to tell. 

If you are not in, you can’t win. Put yourself out there. Get in the game. Enhance your network.

Take the next step in closing the gender leadership gap – attend the Women in Leadership event. 


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The Women in Leadership Summit Asia will gather key stakeholders serving in various leadership roles in an intimate setting to discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in the workplace today. Attend this event and be prepared to be motivated, empowered and take away a renewed sense of purpose and a wealth of practical insights.

Key Learning Objectives
  1. Hear from leaders from the world of Government, Banking & Finance, Technology, Real Estate & Property, Fashion, Sport and more
  2. Listen to women who on a daily basis wear the many hats of role model, leader, and teacher and apply to yourself in order to make a difference wherever you are
  3. Get the most out of your mentor relationship by understanding how the different sexes experience cross-gender mentoring relationships differently and learn everything you need to know about mentoring the opposite sex
  4. Celebrate entrepreneurs who are in many ways emerging leaders; hear how they smashed start-up stereotypes and hustled their way to the top


The Women in Leadership Summit Asia is a valuable source of information, insights and networking opportunities for:

  • Directors, Executives and Managers across all industries
  • Human Resources and Workforce Planning
  • Diversity and Inclusion Managers
  • Women’s Leadership Program Managers
  • Established, emerging and aspiring women leaders 
  • Male leaders looking to implement change on an organisation level 

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