Turn your fear into F.I.R.E
Pre-Conference Workshop 
17 January 2018, 9am - 5pm
  • Is fear holding you back from reaching your full potential at work and in life?
  • Has it ever impaired your performance, especially under pressure?
  • Have you ever let a great opportunity go because you were too scared to accept it?
  • If your response to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, this workshop is for YOU!
  • If you are frustrated with constantly fighting your Fear since it comes back, again and again, no matter how hard you try to overcome it, I have great news for you:
  • You don't need to fight your fear any longer... Take advantage of it instead!
  • Yes, what you heard is true. If you know how to harness your Fear, it’ll help you enhance your performance in any area of your life and bring out a confident, composed and charismatic leader in you.
Learn how to take back control of your life and work. Discover a powerful 4 step formula that will enable you to use fear for propelling you, boosting your energy and putting your best foot forward in any situation.
Key Learning Objectives
  • Turn your fear into powerful energy that will propel you forward instead of stopping you
  • Mute your inner critic and start feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Ensure you perform at your peak in any situation, especially under pressure
  • Motivate yourself to take action even if you feel not ready for it
  • Make better decisions by  courageously choosing things that are truly good for you in your life and work
  • Say ‘Yes’ to opportunities you were dreaming of but haven’t dared to accept
Radiate confidence, credibility and charisma in everything you do...

8:30       Registration and Welcome Coffee
9:00       Face-to-face With Fear
  •    What is fear and why do you let it put your dreams on hold?
  •    Types of fear: The same, only different
  •    Inborn or learned: Where does it come from?
10:30     Morning Break
11:00    Most Common Misconceptions
  •    How your beliefs affect the way you deal with fear
  •    It’s not the fear that holds you back… so, what is it? 
  •    Reality versus imagination: Reframe your picture
12:30    Networking Lunch

1:30      Turn Your Fear Into FIRE
  •    The biggest secret to reducing your anxiety instantly
  •    Proven techniques to take back control of your career and life
  •    How to prepare your mind and body for peak performance
3:00    Afternoon Break
3:30   Become Unstoppable
  •    Beating perfectionism: Lessons from people who did it
  •    Why getting back on the horse is the only way out?
  •    7 ways to unleash your full leadership potential
5:00    End of Workshop 
Workshop Trainer:
Karolina Gwinner
Chief Executive Officer
Charismatic Leadership
Karolina is an expert in leadership development working with corporate and public sector clients in Singapore and internationally. 
She helps leaders overcome fears, enhance their performance and become more influential so that they can bring out the best in themselves and their teams. 
Karolina designs and facilitates effective learning experiences that are interactive, practical and fun. She is well known for her engaging speaking style, great energy and passion for helping others unleash their full leadership potential.
Karolina has trained and coached managers of leading organisations including: Roche, Mazars, Fuji Xerox, Agilent, PwC, DBS Bank, Barclays, Raffles Hotel, AIA, Willis Towers Watson, Changi Airports International, MOM, MOE, IMDA and ACRA.
She facilitated a workshop ‘Uncover an Influential Leader in You’ at Women in Leadership Summit 2017 and will be back for the upcoming Summit with an equally exciting topic of turning your Fear into FIRE.
Karolina developed her expertise while living in five different countries and working for corporations such as Hewlett-Packard in Germany, Merrill Lynch and Bank of New York Mellon in Ireland. Her unique advantage in training is that she brings in her international perspective and successfully adapts it to a local culture and needs of every organisation.

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